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Endzone Towers

Ease of use and durability

We supply worldwide Endzone telescoping video towers. The Endzone is known for its ease of use and durability. It is thoroughly mobile and can be used both in- and outside. The Endzone towers are sturdy and if used according to instructions they will go on for years and years. The Endzone is the only video tower with a winch system.

We have video towers on stock and can supply at short notice. Our most sold Endzone video tower package comes with rain gear, transport case and transport cart (the wheels under the transport case).

Give us a call or send an email and we will inform you about the packages. We will help you with any questions you have about cameras and transport cases. We tailor your Endzone package to your specific needs. We share with you our telescoping video tower expertise, give you thorough user instructions and inform you of our recording, real-time analysis and live streaming experiences and best practices.

There are many telescoping tower brands. We know, because we have replaced a lot of them. There is a big difference in the quality, and the ease of use of the various video tower brands. An Endzone is an investment for years. We have satisfied customers in many countries. 

Assembly instructions

Endzone and SportsCode Software

The Endzone video tower